home residency x Tunnel Mobile Karaoke

This November, artist Jevijoe Vitug shares his Tunnel Mobile Karaoke in a series of live karaoke events, public interventions and video archives in collaboration with home residency at various locations in Harlem, New York. Tunnel Mobile Karaoke (TMK) is a project created by artist Jevijoe Vitug during his 2019 Create Change Artist Residency with The Laundromat Project. The projectContinue reading “home residency x Tunnel Mobile Karaoke”

About home residency

home residency (2019) is a pilot artist residency program hosted by curator-artist Jess Rolls in her home and with her neighborhood community. Based on a commitment to community building and working in public space, the residency supports artists, curators and other practitioners in the field of contemporary art and beyond to build up and meditate new practices ofContinue reading “About home residency”